Group Services

Our offices provide a variety of group services ranging from skills building for children and teens to focus groups for persons managing similar adult development life issues.  A list of current and anticipated groups can be found on our webpage category of events.

  • Social Skills Groups:  Social skills groups are organized for middle school or high school aged individuals.  Such groups are established for the purpose of providing young people information and experience for their development of improved confidence in managing peer social relationships.
  • Focus Groups:  Focus groups are organized for adults who are dealing with a similar issue or set of issues in their lives, (ex; co-dependency, personal boundaries, “empty nesting”, etc).  Such groups are established for the purpose of providing individuals an encouraging and  supportive environment to address difficult issues and develop confidence in their choices for managing such issues.
  • Support Groups:  Support groups are organized for all ages and provide a safe and confidential environment to address difficult personal issues such as losses through divorce or death, coping with difficult family/marital or peer relationships, career/educational pressures, and other life issues.  The purpose of such groups are to assist participants to regain a more balanced emotional state and capacity to effectively manage the challenges in their lives.

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