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Andrea Larabee, Ph.D.
Health Services Psychologist

Primary Specialty:

Adolescents, college students, student athletes, adults and Families.

Professional Affiliations:

American Psychological Association

Professional Achievements:

Former Coordinator and Consultant: School Health and Wellness Program–Deer Creek Schools

Former Counselor and Coordinator:  Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Offices–University of Central Oklahoma

Professional: Presentations/Workshops:

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“Life can generate obstacles and personal challenges that are difficult to overcome. I provide a safe, supportive, and confidential setting, where together, we can understand your current difficulties in the context of your unique history, needs, and situation. With my expertise, this new understanding will lead us to strategies that will help you with these difficulties. While overcoming personal challenges can be hard, my goal is to support you as you develop the tools and self-confidence to make positive changes in your life.”

Degree & License:

Doctorate of Philosophy, Psychology
Health Services Psychologist


University of Oklahoma–Doctoral Degree, (May 2011)

Pre Doctoral Internship/Residency:

University of Miami, Student Counseling Services, (August 2009-August 2010)


University of Central Oklahoma; Psychology Department, (January 2011- May 2014)






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