Jan Nelson Kimball, MSW                   Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Primary Specialty

Women’s issues; geriatric issues, (Inpatient and out-patient); general adolescent, adult and family mental health issues.

Other Professional Affiliations

Part-time Mental Health Professional, Autumn Life Unit, University of Oklahoma (Edmond) Hospital, (2014 to Present)

Previous Professional Achievements

Optimal Health, Licensed Clinical Social Worker,  provide mental health counseling services for women and families. (2010 to 2016);

Independent Allied Health Care provider at Southwest, Medical Center, out-patient therapist and medical social worker, (1999-2010);

Court Mediator for domestic mediations for the 26th Judicial District; also provided Substance Abuse Education for this judicial district, (Created and implemented substance abuse education curriculum for the court system.




An Oklahoma licensed clinical social worker Jan has provided clinical mental health  services, both inpatient and out-patient, for over twenty-five years.  Jan is a caring and compassionate professional.

Degree & License:

Masters Degree In Social Work, with a Clinical emphasis

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, (LCSW)


Bachelors Degree: Friends University, Wichita Kansas

Masters Degree: University of Kansas, Summa Cum Laude

Clinical Practicum:

Menningers Hospital, Topeka Kansas: Primary training focus: Children & Adolescents inpatient services; Professionals in Crisis; Eating Disorders; and General Adult Mental Health services.

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