We are glad to assist you with filing your insurance claims for professional mental health services that you receive through this office.  Please be aware that it is your responsibility to verify benefits before you begin receiving counseling.  It is also your responsibility to verify that the licensed mental health professional with whom you will be receiving counseling is on the panel of in-network providers for your insurance and is a provider for your policy.  Please be aware we are not able to guarantee insurance reimbursement for services provided.  That decision is ultimately up to your insurance carrier.

Below is a list of the insurance companies for which Dr. Tobin is a provider panel member.

Paul G. Tobin, Ph.D., Health Services Psychologist

  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • HealthChoice
  • Optum-UnitedBehavioralHealth-UnitedHealthCare
  • OSMA Health
  • Kempton Group

Paul also provides wellness consultation to Oklahoma physicians through the OCMS and OSMA “Physicians’ Wellness Program,” (PWP).




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