Organizational and Consulting Services

Organizational and consulting professionals have become vital to improving the people side of businesses and organizations of all sizes.  As licensed and/or certified professionals such consultants have become increasing utilzed for their effectiveness in influencing performance enhancement of individuals, groups and organizationals.
Services provided by organizational and consulting professionals include: 

  • Individual, group and organizational assessment and evaluation
  • Team building
  • Executive Coaching
  • Personality Testing
  • Interpersonal conflict resolution
  • Multicultural and diversity issues
  • How to hire and best use such consulting services
  • Other key issues for indivual, group and organizational systems

Services are commonly divided into three areas of focus: Individual level, group level and organizational or systemic level.  Though individuals and organizations may have a predetermined level of service need, it is not uncommon that others discover the need for services at varied interventional levels.  It is recommended to start with an intial assessment interview to help determine optimal services needs and interventions.

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