Paul G. Tobin, Ph.D.
Health Services Psychologist

Primary Specialty

Adult Individual Psychotherapy
Leadership development for businesses and other organizations

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Professional Affiliations

Oklahoma Psychological Association
Health Services Division
American Psychological Association
Div. 17 Counseling Psychologist
Div. 13 Consulting Psychologist

Professional Achievements

Former Chair and Member of the Oklahoma Board of Examiners of Psychologists.

Former President of the Oklahoma Psychological Association.

Former Chair of the Division of Health Services Psychologists of the Oklahoma Psychological Association.


“With insight, understanding and patience, I believe we can encourage people to make empowering changes.  Continued personal development in the art and skills of “Emotional competency” will enhance our potential for more satisfying relationships and a greater sense of wellbeing.”

An Oklahoma licensed health services psychologist, Dr. Tobin has provided both mental health services and organizational consulting services for over forty years. It is his goal to support individuals in their efforts to achieve confidence and satisfaction in their life and their relationships, (Family/marriage and community).

As an organizational consultant Dr. Tobin seeks to enhance the potential of individuals and organizations.  He facilitates effective leadership in the workplace.

Degree & License:

Doctorate of Philosophy
Health Services Psychologist


St Gregory’s College

University of Central Oklahoma

Oklahoma State University


Children’s Medical Center – Tulsa, Oklahoma

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